Litex Motors - Logistic Center

One of the largest private Chinese companies Great Wall, together with Litex Motors, build manufacturing base for Bulgarian cars near the city of Lovech. The investment is for 300 million euro, and around 1800 jobs will be created for the implementation of the project. The plant is located on an area of 430 acres, in the land of the Lovech village of Bahovitza.

The project also provides for the construction of domestic wastewater treatment plant, sub-sites, servicing the manufacturing, and a separate treatment plant for process water. A total of twenty five sub-sites will be built together with the main building. During the construction of the flooring, specialized machines – Laser Screed and Toping Spreader were used. The industrial floor was designed and built under entirely jointless floor technology, characterized by the size of the areas of over 1000 m2 without a single cut joint. The Chemobau specialists achieved unique flatness on the laid flooring within ± 8 mm for the whole area of 12.000 m2, which far exceeds the requirements of the German standard DIN 18202.

The Chemobau Team professionally fulfilled its obligations with high quality and strict adherence to the technological process.