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About Chemobau

Chemobau 30 years experience in the construction of industrial floors

Chemobau International is a Bulgarian-German company, founded in October 2008. The main partner in the company is CBL Chemobau GmbH with headquarters in Leingarten, Germany, a company with 30 years of experience in the field of high quality and durable industrial floors, exposed to various physical and chemical loads in indoor or outdoor environment. Our experience allows us to offer optimal individual technical solution for your flooring, whether it comes to concrete streets, concrete floors, screeds or coatings of resins and polyurethanes. We comply with our requirements, optimizing the costs for its construction, using innovative technologies, materials with proven quality and advanced technology.
The recipe of each flooring is prepared by highly qualified concrete specialists of the parent company in Germany. In its preparation are taken into account the cement quality, as well as grain size data of aggregates of the concrete plant, from which the concrete is supplied. Depending on the customer requirements different types of additives are added, required to achieve final properties of the flooring.