Industrial floors

Indoor concrete pavements

Requirements for high quality of the concrete floor are integral part in the smooth running of any industrial company, logistics and store. Damaged floors often cause increased costs and rapid wear of vehicles. Often the existing floor does not meet the new requirements when changing its intended use or simply it no longer looks good. To avoid such problems in the future operational technology for construction of floors is required, guaranteeing long-lasting results.
Chemobau is able to build high quality concrete floors that meet the requirements of DIN 18 202 for flatness in short term, using advanced equipment, saving money of its customers.

Intelligent choice of reinforcement

Chemobau reinforces the concrete floors with reinforced mesh, with steel fibres or a combination of both, depending on the load. Our more than 15 years of experience with steel fibres shows:

- areas of up to 2 500 m² without joints
- reduced costs compared to traditional reinforcement
- reducing the slab thickness 
- reducing execution period
- increased flexibility 
- improved resistance against cracking 
- floor, resistant to higher loads

The use of joint profiles and fibre reinforced concrete enables the construction of large areas without joints, thus avoiding problems and costs, associated with cutting and maintenance of joints. 

Chemobau assumes and guarantees both the structural analysis and static calculations.

Plasticizers for concrete

The correct choice of plasticizer in the recipe for each concrete pavement guarantees higher strength, low value of the water-cement ratio and excellent density of the concrete.

Wear-resistant coating, impregnators and colors

To achieve high wear resistance of the concrete pavement we use solid particles that are spread on the damp floor. This is done manually or using a Spreader machine. Becoming part of the pavement, these materials provide high abrasion wear value and meet the requirements of DIN 52 108. Supplements blocking evaporation minimize the occurrence of cracks on the surface. Chemobau offers also color mixtures of solid material. This allows for optimal integration of the floor within the whole architectural color concept.

Industrial floors with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating of industrial sites enters more widely in the market. This kind of heating is an innovative method to reduce heating costs of production companies and logistics facilities. Chemobau has the experience and qualities for implementation of the high demands of this type of flooring. In 2010 we completed 30 000 m² underfloor heating in the logistics center of Lidl – Ravno pole, near Sofia.

Floor coatings

Chemobau builds floor coatings designed and qualified for chemical aggressive environment, for hygiene and easy maintenance, as well as for pavement with high coefficient of friction or various colors. This kind of pavements is suitable for sealing cracks on the floor and for premises with requirements for electrical conductivity or water resistance.