Proper analysis is the basis for finding the appropriate solution for the choice of flooring. Our highly qualified specialists analyze customer’s project together with the requirements for future load. Subsequently, the foundation parameters and the quality of the future industrial floor are determined.


Thanks to our 30 years of experience in the implementation of concrete floors and a wide variety of completed projects to date, we are able to offer our customers effective rational solutions for sites in all kind of industries.


Chemobau consults investors, engineers and architects during the design phase. This is the initial and most important moment for each site, where we are able to fully optimize solutions and thereby to reduce future costs to the investor.


With many years of experience, highly qualified specialists, modern machines and competitive technology, Chemobau builds high quality industrial floors. Our sites are our best reference for quality.  
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Efficiency and rationality

Our biggest strength is in providing the most optimized and technological solutions for orders of any nature in the field of construction of concrete floors. Each project is implemented in line with the skills of the highly qualified staff and the experienced technologists of the parent company in Germany. Our primary goal is to satisfy the specific needs of the customers in the most effective and efficient way.
For this purpose, during the whole implementation of the process are applied both knowledge and technologies, and synchronized methods for specialization, parallelism and flexibility of the performed operations.

Good corporate management – a mechanism for success!

Our company has successfully integrated its resources during the working process for effective design, construction and commissioning of the sites. Precisely, because of the good corporate management implemented in Chemobau, the main functions – marketing, finance, innovation policy and construction of concrete pavements are successfully combined and managed. This further supports the implementation of projects to be carried out within the shortest period of time and minimum resource consumption and thus to achieve the high quality service we and you are looking for.

Technology maintenance

We possess the necessary technological and material preparation to implement your desires in the industrial floor construction field. To maintain the required quality of our services we carry out preventive operations, maintaining the good working condition of the machines in our company. Regular checks and inspections are carried out and in case of failure measures are taken for instant remedy. This ensures smooth operation of the whole process of laying floorings. We work for your piece of mind and security!