Concrete roads

Concrete equipment by Chemobau

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Chemobau Technology of laying concrete pavements

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The concrete road

The newest product of Chemobau is high speed outdoor construction of large areas of concrete pavements with versatile concrete paving machine Wirtgen SP 500. In one machine shift can be built area of up to 2.000 m², with working width of up to 6 m and concrete profile height up to 40 cm. The machine can also be used on sites with limited free space. High precision of work and achieving the required flatness of the coating are guaranteed by laser sensors and guides, used for leveling of the laid concrete profile. During leveling concrete is compacted and the excess water is withdrawn from the surface. Precise automated installation of dowels and anchors is carried out at predefined distances in the concrete profile and is controlled by an electronic security system. Thus, the anchors and dowels, installed in the concrete ensure the integrity of the concrete pavement.

Drainage profiles, supporting (dividing) walls and sidewalks

Apart from the concrete paving we can also install protective walls, as well as sidewalk and drainage profiles. The size of the intersection of the profiles can be set by the customer.