What we do best

Concrete – unsurpassed construction material

Advantages of the concrete floors cannot be surpassed in regard to almost all requirements. Prerequisite for this is the required knowledge for the physical and technological properties of the concrete that we possess. Chemobau uses only fresh concrete with low ratio of water-cement and high content of coarse fillers.

Concrete reinforced with steel fibres or steel mesh?

Chemobau applies both methods of reinforcement. Our more than 15 years of experience in steel fibres shows the following: increased flexibility and improved resistance against cracks. This floor endures higher loads, and the slab thickness may be reduced. Slabs which are up to 2000 m2 can be laid without joints. This avoids the problems and costs, associated with cut joints. Significant cost advantage is achieved when using fibres compared to the traditional reinforcement. Structural analysis and static calculations are prepared and guaranteed by Chemobau.

Progress through technology

High demands of the modern industrial floors make inevitable the use of the most advanced machine technology and chemical construction materials. Chemobau offers the Laser Screed technology (leveling machine by means of laser) together with Topping Spreader (machine for applying the top layer), which leads to significant increase in quality and reduction of the time for concrete laying.

Surface is crucial

More than 30 years Chemobau applies prefabricated solid materials with abrasion wear values, meeting the requirements of DIN. Supplements, blocking evaporation, minimize the occurrence of cracks on the surface. Chemobau offers also color mixtures of solid material. This allows for optimal integration of the floor within the whole architectural color concept. Compliance with the flatness according to DIN 18 20 is also guaranteed.